The Gemvara lotus ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry that makes a great gift for yourself or for a special person in your life. The lotus blossom itself is sacred and serves as a symbol of both perfection and elegance. This means that the wearer of the amazing piece will be wearing this elegant and perfect flower. Continue reading the following article to learn more about the lotus flower engagement ring Gemvara and how to create and choose the one that tells the story you want it to tell.

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First of all, you will want to choose the center stone that rests in the middle of the lotus flower. You can choose from so many different and beautiful options and will want to give thought to what you want the ring to symbolize and what the wearer will most appreciate. For instance, you may want to choose a clear or black diamond for the center stone. You can also choose gemstones such as a garnet, blue topaz, smoky quartz, or pink sapphire. There are many great choices to choose from.

Then, you will want to make the selection as to what accent stones you want in the 2ct diamond ring. You can choose two different gems of accents in the lotus ring. There are several options, including diamond, red garnet, emerald, citrine, yellow sapphire, and more. By choosing the perfect stone for the accents, you are able to completely customize the ring and make it perfect for the person who will be wearing it.

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After that, you can choose the primary metal you want the wedding bands to be made of. Gemvara-Jewelry will complete the ring using platinum, palladium, white gold, rose gold, sterling silver, or yellow gold. If you want to further customize the ring, you can choose a different metal for the center of the flower as an accent. Again, you can choose from the beautiful metals previously mentioned. Each metal can create a beautiful ring so taking time to choose the one that you feel is best will help the company create a ring that is breathtaking.

Finally, you will want to choose the size of the ring. This will depend on the person wearing the ring and the finger they will be wearing it on. There are different ways that you can do this. If you already have a ring that you wear on the finger, you can consider this size. Or, you can find options online where you print a ring sizer and learn the proper size this way. Another way to get the size is to visit your local jewelry store and someone there can size you.

In conclusion, a lotus ring by Gemvara-Jewelry is a beautiful piece that will look great on anyone that wants to wear it. To create a customized ring you can make many choices as to what gems and metals you desire. By doing so, you can create a piece that tells a special story.

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