There are numerous jewelry stores established with the goal of being recognized in this competitive industry. While some failed in their attempts, others progress continuously. One of these known businesses is the Whiteflash Diamonds. If you are looking for a fine jewelry or ideal certified gemstones, this is one great option. Read white flash reviews to know more other essential facts about this company. is an original designer engagement ring boutique online. Since its existence in this field, White Flash has maintained its reputation and earned the trust of the people. The secret to their success is providing high-quality ideal cut diamonds that have been meticulously produced and selected. In fact, this online store is authorized to sell a variety of designer ring settings from Danhov, Simon G, Verragio, Tacori, and Ritani.

Testing A Cut Above White Flash Diamonds

Diamonds at are divided into two groups:

– Signature line. This means that they have been specially selected based on strict criteria.

– Virtual inventory. There are also those pieces of jewelry chosen from more loose diamonds in the virtual inventory. These are conducted by other partners or organizations.

An essential fact regarding the virtual selection of this shop is that the company guarantees these gems will be verified and checked before sending out to clients. Every piece of the gem should go through Whiteflash HQ which is situated in Houston. Moreover, these are not “drop shipped” from a supplier to the customer.

The next thing you should learn about these signature diamond cuts is their distinct levels. There is also a brief explanation of the difference between each.

– A Cut Above. This is where the best diamonds in the world belongs.

– Expert Selection. Next to the A Cut Above diamond range are the stones that have almost the same grade as of the topmost range.

– Premium Select. This is where the less expensive pendants and studs are found. However, they still offer more value.

– Virtual Selection. In the part, the gems are being held off-site by their suppliers. They are not found in the storage facilities of Whiteflash.

Every tire of loose diamonds comes in a various price range. Some factors affecting each cost are F/G color, VS2 Clarity, carat, polish, cut and symmetry. If you check on the price of the gems under each range, you will see a big difference.


What makes this White Flash jewelry store is its unique ring settings. Basically, it offers standard and classic styles. However, you can choose halo or 2 karat diamond ring settings. Another good thing about this online store is the availability of numerous ornate designer rings. They come manufacturers and they are not easy to find from other similar stores online. These facts are your advantage if you are searching for designer settings coming from Ritani, Verragio or Tacori. For the finest quality round brilliant cut diamond sets, pair it with an Expert Selection or A Cut Above stone.
By considering all these insights, there is no doubt that gives the most irresistible offers. Nowadays, it has become the dwelling place of customers seeking engagement or wedding rings.

Custom 2 Carat Diamond Rings

Finding a ring setting may not be so easy on your part. If you cannot choose from a standard setting or a designer range, it is recommended to have a custom design ring. This service is provided by this online jewelry store to give you a convenient and a wide range of selections. For instance, you want numerous rings and wish to combine each feature, the team will provide the best-customized service you need. does not copy others’ design. The team knows the consequence of doing so. It works with ethic and professionalism.

The Website – New Earrings, Studs and Halo Pendant

Whiteflash diamonds has recently relaunched its site. Now, it is more user-friendly and provides more educational information. One remarkable thing about this online jewelry retailer is its generosity in sharing its grading process. Such information cannot be found on any website. By using its site, you know what you are looking for. Every detail you need will be provided on the site. All princess diamonds and ring settings are organized according to categories. This way, selecting gemstones is hassle-free, time-consuming, and easy.

For more information, do not hesitate to reach out to the team. Look for the contact details on its official website to choose from a wide variety of White flash diamonds.

When hunting for the best diamonds currently available you will need help. The website – – has various guides on buying diamond rings online. Check out our Whiteflash Reviews.