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Reasons To Choose Princess Cut Diamond Rings 

Are you in the market for a new diamond? One of the first things that may pop in your head is getting a Round Brilliant Cut. However, there proves to be one other excellent choice. The Princess Cut is getting more and more popular these days and for good reason. It is a relatively young cut, developed only during the late twentieth century. The reason behind its development is to find a way to retain the weight of octahedral diamond crystals. This makes for gorgeous-looking diamonds at more affordable rates. 
In 2005, it received the AGS status, the first ever fancy cut to be able to do so. What's great is that it offers a variety of shapes. It also doesn't lag behind the more popular round brilliant cut in terms of exuding a breathtaking brilliance.
It's also interesting to learn about the colorful history of the princess cut. Initially, it was associated to another cut referred to as the profile cut, designed by Arpad Nagpy in 1961.What we refer to today as the Princess Cut was actually inspired by the French cuts that dominated the Victorian era. With some modifications including a cross cut crown along with chevron facets, the cut has become immensely popular in modern society.
Basil Watermeyer further made improvements with his very own Barion Cut. The pending patents had been lifted, prompting the development of the Princess Cut.
As noted, the shape of this particular cut was designed to hold weight and maintain a high brilliance level. This also makes the cutting process more efficient, as there's less waste coming from the rough stone. You must also learn that the Princess Cut have four corners, which explains why it will be heavier compared to the Round Brillian Cut.
This cut is very popular among those who want the familiar brilliance of the Round Brilliant Cut without spending exorbitant amounts of money. It also offers flexibility in terms of shape. In most cases, it comes in a rectangular shape, with the gem appearing large. This also helps make the finger of the wearer look longer and slimmer. If you have short fingers, then this should definitely rank high on your list.
It pays to learn, however, that the faceting of the Princess Diamond and the Round Brilliant Cut is different. The Princess Diamond is best known for its straight lines found at its heart. This doesn't mean you're not going to enjoy a high level of brilliance. In fact, you can take a close look at the corners to have a deeper appreciation of this cut's brilliance level.
If you want to buy a Princess Cut diamond, the ration to go for is 1:1. When it comes to depth percentage, around 72% is what you should be looking at. Also, don't forget to do your research and only buy from reputable jewelry stores. The diamond should come with documentation proving it's real. Through this, you can rest assured that you have a genuine diamond on your finger.
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Princess Cut Diamond Rings
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