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Where is it save to buy marquise diamond rings?

For better quality, color/clarity combinations, and price – consider buying your marquise engagement ring online. There are many known online jewelers like Ritani & Zales, where you can cherry pick the best stone for your budget.

Marquise-Diamond! But which Metal?

Choose your favorite Metal! Available in 18k and 14k – White Gold has always been the best seller. Visually, it’s considered to suit diamonds the most. Including the similarly colored Platinum.

Yellow Gold is a traditional choice for wedding rings. Rose Gold has a modern look to it and adds a touch of romance to your jewelry.
White Gold

Rose Gold

Yellow Gold

Marquise-Diamond! But how many carats?

A well shaped gemstone looks stunning, and will surely capture the heart of the receiver and those who get to see it. Since the karat weight is significant, 2 to 3 carats come with exceptional brilliancefire, and sparkle.

1 Carat Marquise-Diamonds

2 Carat Marquise-Diamonds

3 Carat Marquise-Diamonds

Choose Carat Weight & Metal

Visit Trusted Jeweler

Cherry-Pick Diamonds

Want to have full control over your ring? allows you to personalize every aspect of your ring: Next to diamonds you can also add a ruby, emerald, aquamarine, sapphires, and various other gemstones to your setting.

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Marquise Diamond Ring: Engagement Rings, Wedding Band & Bridal Set

Have you ever seen a marquise diamond engagement ring with a halo setting? If you answered yes, then you are probably interested in getting one for yourself. It is best known for its timeless elegance, capturing the attention of anyone who sees it. And while it is one of the more traditional gemstone shapes, it doesn't make it any less attractive. The 1 carat marquise cut diamond ring with baguettes is also a bit heavier compared to other kinds of stone, but it still produces a brilliant gem that any woman will surely love. 

The marquise cut diamond engagement ring settings with side stones is characterized by its oval shape along with tapered pointed tips. When cutting a rough stone into a vintage form, you can expect to have a gemstone with a 50% bigger karat size. Some people refer to the 2 carat marquise diamond ring gold as a fancy shaped stone. The name is derived from King Louis XIV of France. According to stories, he had a piece of gem crafted into this particular shape, which is similar to the form of the mouth of Marquis of Pompadour.

One of the best characteristics of the Navette is that it has the most extensive crown surfaces among all gems is. Because of this, it gives people the illusion that it looks bigger than it is. Even if you get your hands on a small stone, it couldn't be helped but to view with as if it's way more significant. This same characteristic also makes the finger of the wearer look slimmer and longer.

According to experts, the ideal length to width ratio of the marquise diamond settings is 2:1. It makes the gemstone just the perfect shape. It isn't narrow nor too fat. For best results, the gem must also be crafted precisely. Symmetry plays an important role here. The pointy tips must be even and placed opposite each other. Getting the measurements off will result in a lopsided appearance.

engagement ring set

marquise diamonds

Buying Navette Shaped Wedding Rings Online with Halo Setting

If you're thinking about buying marquise diamonds, then you may be doing your shopping online. However, this makes it difficult to spot potential issues with the jewel. This is especially true if you are a complete beginner. If that's the case, the following are some of the most important things you must pay attention to.

The girdle is something you should keep an eye on. A thin corset isn't something you will want to see. Expect that it will suffer from chipping easily. The tips of the precious stone must also be careful the absurd. When bridal sets it on any surface, care must be practiced because they are too prone to chipping.

Of course, you must also take a look at the color range of the gem When it comes to the Marquis, thankfully, you have quite a bit of option. Ultimately, this depends on your personal preference. You can go for a warmer look or something that is cooler in the eyes.

By now, you should be more aware of how to go about buying a sapphire or emerald online. If you know a friend or family member with more knowledge about gems, then do not hesitate to seek his or her help. This allows you to choose the right wedding band without going over your budget.

The History Of Marquise Cut Diamonds Sets

The marquis shaped gem is one of the oldest and significant shapes on the planet. Also known as the Navette, wedding ring sets would not exist if it was not for the French king Louis XV, who commissioned his jeweler to craft a gemstone according to the smile of his mistress.

Well, whether you pop the question during a slow romantic dance, an intimate candlelit dinner or at the location of your first date, your proposal will undoubtedly be the most romantic moment of your relationship, and this fantastic cut will help etch the moment into your memory for a long time.

Making a Navette on a rough jewel yields about 50 percent more carat weight, but a fancy cut that's too shallow tends to be appealing. For an excellent width to length ratio, the shape ought to be twice as long as the stone is full. Ask the jeweler to explain the color, carat, clarity as well as the form of the marquise diamond engagement rings you're considering.

The shape can also be accentuated by the set. As such, it is imperative to choose quality wedding sets that won't damage quickly or won't call for visits to the repair shop. When picking the band, keep in mind that platinum is sturdier than palladium and the white hue helps showcase the diamond's beauty. Ensure you test each jewelry in the bridal set to ascertain it's secure and that it doesn't have unsightly gaps. Stones ideally have to sit level and the contact points ought to be visually symmetrical.

A Navette shape undoubtedly gives an elegant yet simple statement, but it can make a stunning combination when mixed with other cuts. These gems make excellent wedding bands, but they can be equally fabulous jewelry.

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