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Getting To Know Emerald Cut Diamonds 

Anyone who is considering getting a diamond and is looking at one with an emerald cut will immediately be able to see that it's beautiful and different from others. It is necessary when shopping for this cut of diamond that you understand some important factors. This cut is different from others and some factors can't be easily seen or understood.

Understanding The Basics

Most people think of the emerald diamond cut as a rectangle shape but this cut also comes as a square. Which shape you go for is solely dependent on your particular style and preference. The depth and range changes from one of these to the other but both can be quality diamonds. 

These diamonds are usually cropped at the corners and they usually exhibit light and dark areas that make it appear stunningly elegant. Their Sparkle is to a degree less than other cuts but by some accounts that raises its appeal. This cut was originally conceptualized for emerald gemstones. This is how the cut got its name.

Is This Type Of Cut More Expensive?

Most people would agree that this cut of diamond looks more expensive than other cuts. If you compare this type of diamond engagement ring to a round cut diamond you will quickly see that the surface of the emerald cut is considerably larger. But this cut of diamond only represent about 3% of all the diamonds in the world. Because there is less demand for them, they cost less. 

This means that someone could get a diamond that appears not only exquisitely beautiful but also larger than its actual carat weight and yet they can get it for a lower price. Because this cut of diamond looks so elegant and provides a substantial amount of additional surface space giving it a larger appearance, it means that someone on a budget can get something that looks like much more but pay much less.

They Make A Woman's Fingers Look More Slender

Because of the type of cut of this diamond, when placed on a woman's hand it gives her the appearance of having long slender fingers. By most accounting, this means a woman's hand appears more attractive. It also accentuates the diamond itself and brings a person's attention to it. 

These Diamonds Require Good Clarity

Because this cut of diamond is usually 20% less than the cost of another cut, you can use those savings to increase the overall clarity of the stone you choose. It's highly recommended that you get the best clarity possible when getting this cut because it accentuates any imperfections. When the clarity is right, this cut of diamond will be exquisitely beautiful and when the clarity is poor, it will be a bad choice to cut it in this shape. 

The emerald cut is much rarer than others and this means that anyone wanting something that is different will be pleased with this choice. It looks bigger and cost less which further increases the enjoyment of ownership. It is a great choice of diamond.
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Emerald Cut Diamond
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