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Tips On Choosing A Baguette Diamond Ring

When it comes to choosing the right diamond, it really comes down to personal choice. There are several styles and cuts of diamonds to choose from. The most popular is the round cut but for the right person, the baguette cut is a perfect choice. 

Suitable for Engagement Rings & Bands

It is rectangular in shape and is cut in steps that run parallel to one another. It commonly has fourteen facets and most often will be smaller in carat weight than other cuts. This diamond and will cost less than more popular cuts. They will not be as brilliant in color as other cuts and for this reason, they more easily show flaws making it necessary for the diamond's clarity to be a better quality. 

The special cut also shows any color variations related to the diamond. It's recommended with this cut that you choose stones that are shallower as they will look larger because of the cut and yet the price will be considerably less. The depth of this diamond is not as important as it is with other cuts because its purpose is not it's level of brilliance as it is with a round cut stone.

Luster Versus Brilliance

Baguettes are not bought for their sparkle or their brilliance but instead for their luster. Commonly, they are bought as stones to accompany a different cut centerpiece but this is not always the case. If buying this cut of diamond as one that accompanies a different cut centerpiece, it's important the color matches that of the other diamond. 
If someone selects a brilliant cut diamond as their centerpiece, then the baguette that is chosen to go along with it will either need to be a very high clarity and color or any flaws will be accentuated because of the brilliant centerpiece diamond.

Most Popular

Baguettes are great diamonds in the right situation. For a centerpiece, the most popular cuts include princess, round, and cushion but this type of cut is often used to add additional diamonds around the centerpiece. When done correctly, this cut of diamond looks beautiful and really helps the centerpiece to stand out even more. It is simply a matter of understanding this type of diamond and getting a color and clarity that is high enough that it closely matches the brilliant centerpiece. 

baguette diamond engagement rings

A Unique Shape: The Baguette Cut Diamond

If you or your special someone likes vintage and antique jewelry then using baguette-cut diamonds will go great with that type of jewelry. This style was the first designed in the very early 1900s and many Victorian-era engagement rings used this type as their center stone. So while we have been talking about using other cuts as a centerpiece, if your special someone likes vintage and antique jewelry, then this will be the perfect cut to go center stage. 

Diamonds are an important enough purchase to take your time and understand what you are buying. When you buy the right cut you or your special someone will enjoy it a lifetime. This cut is an attractive diamond for the right person.
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Baguette Diamond – An Alternative Cut
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