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Where is it save to buy 3ct Diamonds ?

For a better selection of quality, color/clarity combinations, and price, consider buying your 3ct diamond ring online. There are many known online jewelers like Ritani & Gemvara, where you can cherry pick the best stone and ring for your budget.

Huge Selection of 3kt Diamond Rings

Magnificent 3 Karat Diamond Engagement Rings

3-Carat! But which shape?

Choose a diamond-shape that you find most appealing to the wearer and to you. Personal style and taste dictate the ideal shape, and it should be complemented by a setting that gives stability to the shape you have chosen.
Round Cut

Princess Cut

Cushion Cut

Oval Cut

Pear Shaped

Emerald Cut

Marquise Cut

3 Ct Diamond Ring - Quick Buying Tutorial

A well cut 3kt diamond engagement ring looks stunning, and will surely capture the heart of the receiver and those who get to see it. Since the karat weight is significant, 3 kt diamond rings come with exceptional brilliance, fire, and sparkle.

Choose Rings Style

Halo, Classic, Solitaire or Three Stone

Visit Trusted Jeweler or

Cherry-Pick Diamonds

choose a well-cut stone
3-Carat! But which color?

Try something new! Choose a fancy-color gemstone that is most appealing to the wearer and/or to you.
Green - Emerald

Red - Ruby

Blue - Sapphire

3 Carat Diamond Ring Solitaire - Tips & Tricks

Buying a 3 carat halo diamond ring or other settings (Solitaire, PavΓ© etc.) is a quite exciting task. After all, they are a special and emotional purchase, where you will invest ten-thousands of dollars for your loved one.

If you’re looking for your best-suited engagement rings, we have composed this article just for you. In this post, we are going to give you some insights on how to buy a 3 kt diamond, to help you make the best choice, and avoid costly mistakes.

3ct diamonds in different shapes: Round, Emerald Cut & Cushion Cut

Getting the best value means finding the most exceptional 3 ct diamond ring solitaire, at an excellent price within the market. The best way to achieve this is spending on the areas that significantly affect the beauty of the precious stone, and scale back on aspects that are not noticeable to the naked eye.

It’s recommended that you acquaint yourself with the right knowledge and skills before you go shopping for a gem, or have an expert assist you with the reviewing process.

1. Certification – It’s quite unfortunate that there are unethical and fraudulent jewelers in the industry, who abuse the certificate and inflated appraisals received from unreliable gemologists like EGL. We always advocate that people should check the certification details of the diamonds they are considering to buy. 
To prevent getting scammed or ripped off by such jewelers, always ensure the stone is graded by AGS or GIA and has their certificate. This will ensure that an esteemed grading entity has validated what is stated about the precious stone. In case a seller tries to convince you to purchase a jewel with a different grading entity, stay away from them.

2. Clarity – We recommend that you narrow your search to VS1 and VS2 clarity grade diamonds. These usually offer the best value for details that can be seen by the naked eye. With these grades, most inclusions and blemishes will typically go unnoticed.

3. The Cut – Ensure that your gem is an Excellent grade or an ideal cut on the GIA scale. An excellently cut jewel maximizes the brilliance and sparkle above any other aspect.

4. Color – For the best value, go for stones in the G to I range. These are in the nearly colorless range, will appear just as clear as those in the D to F range to the naked eye, but will cost significantly less.

3 Karat Diamond Ring Cost per Carats / KT / CT

The price of a 3 karat diamond ring will vary depending on a number of factors, including its quality and carat. The 3ct refers to the weight of the jewel, which is equal to 0.6 grams. In another perspective, a 3 ct diamond has an approximately the same weight as a raisin. The price of the brilliant is based on the carat weight. For example, a $2.5 karat diamond with a price of around $12,280 per carat costs $12,280 x $2.50, which equals to $30,700. The price per karat increases with higher categories of weight.

This means that a 0.5 ct stone may have a price of $1,400 a carat, while a 3 carat solitaire diamond ring might have a price of $16,300 a karat. The price rises exponentially with weight, because of the higher weight value of the 3 karat diamonds, and a higher price per kt in that weight category.

ritani 3 carat oval diamond ring

3kt diamond rings
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