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4 Steps To Buy A 3 Carat Diamond Ring And 3ct Diamonds

A 3 kt diamond engagement ring is a very special token of love and promise and should be chosen very carefully. Finding out everything there is to know about the precious stone itself, the setting and the overall appearance will help make the final choice easier. The four C's are the standard way the jewelry industry measures the beauty, value, and craftsmanship of a gem. These include the cut, the clarity, the color and the size in carats. 
1. The cut is the most important factor that determines the quality of the symmetry and proportions of a gem. The cut determines the amount of light a stone can capture and reflect which determines its sparkle. The sparkle of a gemstone is the direct result of the craftsmanship and skill that went into cutting and shaping the 3 carat solitaire diamond ring right.
2. The clarity determines the number of natural inclusions (scratches or markings), or whether it is clear and smooth. If you want to be sure that the gemstone you buy will display a clean, stunning brilliance choose a VVS2 clarity grade which is recommended for diamonds that are more than 3 karat or even more.
3. The color of a jewel is actually determined by how little color is reflected, and graded on a scale from 'D' to 'Z' - D having no color looks pure white, and Z having brownish or yellow tones. While a colorless jewel will reflect pure white light, this is hard for most people to see and therefore a 'near-colorless' grade is perfectly acceptable, particularly if it is to be set in a yellow or rose gold setting. A pure white 3ct diamond ring is best set off in a platinum or white gold setting.

3kt diamond engagement ring vs 3 karat diamond ring

4. The carat determines the size of the sapphire and has the most impact on the price. While carat weight is a matter of personal preference, it is recommended not to sacrifice the grade of cut for a larger gem. Regardless of its size, a 3ct diamond solitaire with an 'Ideal' or 'Very Good' cut grade will always look brilliant and display good taste and beauty.
The shape of the stone you choose will determine the amount of brilliance displayed. Round diamonds display the most brilliance while other shapes have unique characteristics.
A stunning choice for an engagement ring is a 3 carat round cut brilliant jewel. The round brilliant's iconic shape is designed to reflect maximum sparkle. A 'colorless' or 'near colorless' grade will look stunning in a platinum or white gold setting. A 'K' or 'L' grade 3kt diamond rings with its faint yellow tones will be well balanced by a yellow gold setting. A 3 carat round cut brilliant gemstone in a French halo setting will add even more sparkle while a solitaire setting will emphasize the impressive size and quality of a 3 carat diamond ring.
3 Carat Diamond Ring
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