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Which Diamond Carat Weight To Choose - A Quick Guide

How important is carat size when you buy a diamond engagement ring? That question seems like it would be very simple to answer. It's either very important, somewhat important, or not important at all, right? It's not actually that easy. Even jewelry store salespeople have a difficult time giving an answer to that question. So how do you know what to buy? There is actually several factors that have to be taken into consideration before you can have an answer to that question. 

Carat Weight Is Only One Of The 4C's

Sometimes it's more about striking a balance around the 4Cs: carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Carat weight is the first thing that most people think about when they think of diamonds, because it's also the easiest to understand. It's all about the size of the diamond. So when people see a brilliant diamond on a woman's hand, their first thought is to wonder what its carat size it. However, what most people don't understand is that you can get the same effect from a smaller carat sized diamond, which has a superior cut, color, or clarity. A good jeweler should be able to advice you on how to purchase a dazzling diamond ring that meets your needs, regardless of its carat size.

Err On The Side Of Quality

The truth is that most diamonds have flaws, and the bigger the diamond the more that the poor quality will show through. While working within your budget it's much more important to err on the side of quality, if you need to make a trade-off somewhere.


You'll still be able to make a big impression with a smaller carat sized diamond. You can take advantage of some settings to make a diamond appear larger, such as a halo. A high quality center stone that is flanked by smaller, inexpensive stones will make a huge impression, despite the smaller carat size.

Take Her Sense Of Style Into Account

When deciding what size stone to buy, think of how your fiancée dresses. What kind of choices does she make? Is she all about big, flashy jewelry, or is her jewelry more nondescript? Does she choose to wear loud prints, or is muted colors more her style? Are her favorite shoes sexy, high heels, or more casual flats? Her style choices are your strongest clue of the diamond size and setting that she'd prefer.


Buying a diamond ring is about more than just carat size. It's not something that should be rushed into, and there are many factors that will play into your final decision. Use this guide to help you make the choice that will make her the happiest.



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