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"My Husband made the right decision..."

My Whiteflash Review (+4 money-saving Hints)

One major decision I made in recent years is to propose to my long term fiancée.

However, that was not the hard part as I was confused on where to get a perfect diamond engagement ring to accompany the proposal.

I had received several recommendations from some of my close friends on where to get a great jewel and luckily, I decided to check out White Flash Jewelry – Up to this day, I consider that to be my best decision as I liked almost everything about this jeweler.

With the following 4 bonus hints, I want to thank you, for visiting my website & reading this review!

Over the course of learning about Whiteflash Diamonds and ordering my engagement ring there… I came across a few things, which you don’t want to miss out on when getting a ring&jewelry at WF:
- $100 OFF - Refer A Friend

A popular benefit associated with becoming a customer - is membership in their customer loyalty program. By referring a friend or making a repeat purchase... you can receive a $100 check

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FREE Insured Worldwide Shipping provides FREE insured FedEx shipping, both within the United States and to over 70 international destinations which they are able to serve.

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- $25 OFF - With Registration

They also provide a $25 reward for new registrations on their website, redeemable with your first purchase of $2,000 or more.

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Use Wire Transfer & Get 3% OFF accepts various forms of payment. They also provide a 3% credit for wire transfer transactions, as well as other forms of payment that do not incur bank processing fees.

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Whiteflash Reviews - Overall Rating

Diamond Quality
Customer Service
Whiteflash Jewelers is a modern bridal jewelry retailer located in Houston, Texas. Many people acknowledge this store as one of the fore-founders in the online diamond business, with their operation dating back to the turn of the century.
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I visited their store and was amazed by the extensive collection of super ideal and round cut diamonds, something that even left me spoilt for choice. I was introduced to their trademark gem, dubbed the A Cut Above, which I later found out that it is considered as one of the best super ideal diamonds worldwide.
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All the things about Whiteflash Rings can seem flattering on paper, but once you visit them and dig a little bit into their services and operations, you will be greatly impressed. They are a primarily online store, but they also have a stunning showroom displaying all their amazing pieces.
I'm in! - But which diamond setting? offers beautiful Designer Engagement Rings! – While browsing through their website I found their designer ring offers!

The following 3 settings (by Simon G, Tacori and Verragio) are my personal favorite. You can also watch them in 3D on their website. They have many more jewelry design partners.
SimonG. - Passion Ring

Tacori - Pave Setting

Verragio - 3 Stone Ring

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White Flash Reviews - Best Features
After giving some brief information about Whiteflash Engagement Rings, it is important for me to lay out the specific things that make me talk so highly of this jewelry store. 
Incredible Point Of Contact.
As soon as I got in touch with White flash, I was assigned to a gemstone consultant who was very friendly and helpful – Their consultants seem to be well trained, and I have felt comfortable dealing with them.
  • Incedible Point Of Contact.
I learned that they have a customer management system that enables them to keep track of how dealings with all the clients are faring on and ensure that there is always someone assisting you even if your first consultant is not available.

Unsurprisingly, their customer attention has been recognized since 2004, and they notably lifted the 2012 and 2015 Pinnacle awards as the best jeweler in Texas.
  • Incedible Point Of Contact.
Top Quality.
Getting the ISO 9000 certification is not a walk in the park, and most jewelers ignore the rigorous quality assessments that are done before they get the certification.

White Flash Diamond is the only jeweler with this certification, meaning their quality is outstanding. Besides my review, most customers I have interacted with highly praised the quality from White Flash Jewelry, not only on the gems but even on the operations and processes.
  • Top Quality.
Sounds good! - What else do they offer?
I want to save you some time here: Since I found the website a little overwhelming at first – When coming back for your wedding rings, I recommend you checking out their 

Groom’s Guide (Click to open)

White Flash also offers comfortable gemstone bracelets in many forms & styles: Including the popular Tennis Bracelet.

Another great gift ideas are their earrings and studs. Several styles like: Flower Cluster, Hoop, Earring Jackets, Starburst or Double Halo Diamond Earrings.
Wedding Rings



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Whiteflash Reviews - White Flash Diamonds Rings

Their History
The excellent service and pieces at prompted me to do a little digging into their history and some of their achievements. Whiteflash-Diamonds was established in 2000 and has been leading the online jewel industry since then. They are ISO 9000 certified which means they are compliant with international standards and follow the set practices regarding quality control and have structures in place for continuous improvement. In layman's language, the certification means you will get the exact stone you purchased and the information provided about it is accurate.

Sugar Land Jewelers: A Cut Above Diamond Review

Rich Inventory
When I decided to settle on a particular bridal set, I had known so much about it and did not know there was so much information existing about gems. I kept asking myself how Whiteflash'com can give all that information about every single piece. They have one of the world's largest inventories of super ideal and cut jewels, and their trademark pieces are kept in-house. To the ordinary person, this might seem like nothing but the truth is that most dealers drop ship their gems and list the ones that they can get from their suppliers. The advantage here is that Whiteflash'com can give you all the data about their in-house gemstones.
Wide Collection Of Pieces.
As I had mentioned earlier, I was confused on which diamond wedding ring to pick due to the several fantastic picks available. Whiteflash'com has precious stones of all shapes and prices, and you cannot miss a suitable pick for you. However, what distinguishes them from the rest are their in-house pieces. Their trademark A CUT ABOVE is exclusive to them, and the picks under this line are designed using specific requirements to achieve the best proportions. I learned that before a diamond-piece is acclaimed as one of the best in the world, it must have passed through a set of strict thresholds such as the light performance, symmetry, and fine polish. With these in-house pieces, Whiteflash'com subjects them to further rigorous checks set by their experts to ensure they live up to their expectations.

Jewelry & Engagement Rings from Houston

Custom Ring Design
Despite their amazing collection, I was offered an option to have the experts at Whiteflash'com to design me a customized bridal ring set, one that cannot be found anywhere on Earth. I am not a jewellery savvy person, but I was amazed by this offer. All you are required to do is to contact a consultant and bring them to terms with your proposal. After this, you will be given a quotation, and after accepting it, you will be asked to avail your custom setting. The experts then design the band using a computer software and show you the preview before creating the actual wedding ring.
My experience with the White Flash Ring is unforgettable, and their guarantees such as the jewellery insurance, complimentary ring-size, and free insured shipping sum up all the good things about Whiteflash'com. Set processes drive them, and this can be seen from the point of contact up to the shipping. I would recommend Whiteflash-Diamonds to any person who wants to buy jewelry.

white flash reviews

sugar land jewelers
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