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November 2015
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My James Allen Review (+5 money-saving Hints)

With these 5 bonus hints, I want to thank you, for visiting my website & reading this review! Over the course of learning about and ordering my engagement ring there… I came across a few things, which you don’t want to miss out on when purchasing at JamesAllen:
(1) Financing – Imagine you and your partner fall in love with a beautiful engagement ring — It’s way over your budget — but you really want it bad! JamesAllen offers 2 payment options to help you get the best-suited bridal jewelry.
These are the 2 options: Deferred Interest if paid in full within 6 Months / 9.90% APR with 24 Monthly Payments. Learn More About JA’s Financing.

10% OFF - Wedding Rings

Just Enter – WEDDING10 – . You can actually save up to $500 depending on the original price.

1.5% OFF - Wire Transfer

When you pay via Wire transfer you receive a 1.5% discount on your whole purchase. Example: You purchase a diamond for $9.000 you get a $120 discount.

Apply Here
FREE Ring Sizer

James Allen will provide you with a Free Ring Sizer. They will ship it to you for free, as long as you live in the United States (+Canada).

Claim Here
FREE Engraving

While you are checking out, engraving will be presented as an option. You can engrave your engagement ring and wedding bands in 2 styles. While at Blue Nile you have to pay $25… James Allen offers the engraving for free.

Claim Here

James Allen Reviews - Overall Rating

Customer Service
0% is currently the best rated online jewelry store. Known for their 360° Diamond Video Technology, best-in-class customer service & fantastic packaging. Making JA the first place to shop for diamonds, engagement rings & wedding bands.
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3 Reasons why you can trust JamesAllen

You won’t believe how critical and old-fashioned I am with buying stuff online. Especially with getting a high-priced item like a diamond on the internet. If you are somewhat the same, this passage is for you! It will give you enough certainty to get a diamond ring at JA.

  • Customer Experience
I read an article on the web about James Allen: Mainly saying that at JA I could get quality diamonds for less money... in comparison to my local jewelry store, The website definitely looked professional, but I was still uncertain if JA was really legit.... Keep on reading to find out the 3 reasons, that made me really trust JamesAllen:
#1 | Their 360° Video technology

When you browse through James Allen diamonds, there is 1 thing you will notice instantly: Looking for a diamond at JA is a completely different experience than anywhere else! James Allen offers REAL photos of their diamonds and unique HD 360° videos of ALL diamonds in their inventory.


In the comparison below you will see: Other online vendors don’t even offer enlarged pictures of their diamonds. Unless you are on a no-limit-budget to get the best clarity grades… buying diamonds anywhere else is a gamble.

This is important: Additionally, you can’t trust a grading certificate alone -> because it can’t convey you how inclusions on the diamond will affect its beauty and value. Seeing the actual diamond at JA in 360° and will give you a lot of confidence in making the right choice.

The BIG Problem: Normally you could never know whether the diamond you chose…. has undesirable visual effects or not. What you see below are 2 oval cut diamonds. The one on the left has the bowtie effect (you don’t want that) and is even more expensive. The diamond on the right, however, is completely fine:

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Therefore, the oval-shaped diamond on the right is a much better option. BUT without James Allens HD images and videos you would never find out beforehand. Finding out about this really made me gasp! 
In comparison to other vendors like Blue Nile -> Will just show you stock images. Even if the diamonds are completely different. Once you're spoiled 😉 by James Allen: You will notice how SHOCKING this is. And will give you more certainty and TRUST to get your diamonds and jewelry at James Allen:
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What you see here is a 0.31 Carat Oval vs a 1.21 Carat Oval. Blue Nile uses the same pictures for both. This is a big disadvantage because you are not able to see how your diamond looks and sparkles before you get it. 
  • Customer Experience
Conclusion: From the fact that you can clearly see all the inclusions in every diamond..... it becomes clear that James Allen is not trying to hide anything from you -> But wants you to find your best-suited diamond.
#2 | Their Reputation

This is where it gets interesting: was founded in 1998 by James Allen Schultz and his wife Michele. 1998 in Internet years is eons ago. In comparison, was founded just 4 years earlier in 1994. JamesAllen is one of the pioneers of online diamond sales. And still is the leading and most trusted brand in this increasingly competitive market.

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Often mentioned in magazines like Forbes, Maxim, and The Knot: They've built an enviable reputation and a solid client base of returning men and women.
  • Customer Experience
#3 | Their Engagement Moments

Browsing through James Allen’s Website, I stumbled upon their Engagement Moment Page. What you will find there is a literally never-ending amount of couples sharing their engagement story: The Process of how they got their diamond at, how they chose their best-suited one and how they proposed. All this documented with heart-warming pictures.

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When you read 2-3 of these amusing & interesting stories, you will not only have trust in James Allen.... but it will also make you rethink your approach of proposing + give you many creative ideas. My wife loves this page.

Before you find out about the different process, while purchasing at JA, and what makes them so secure.

I want to tell you the #1 reason why I was confident enough to buy at Reading this you will understand why it is absolutely risk-free to get your diamonds there:

100% Money-Back Guarantee – In case you’re disappointed with your diamond ring. James Allen gives you the option of a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Within 30  days of purchase, you can either exchange or have your order fully refunded. THEY PAY for the return of the package for US customers (+ Canada). You won’t pay a penny! It’s a hassle-free process. All you have to do is give them a quick call and they will send you over all the documents needed. This is really customer-friendly and a major advantage to other online diamond retailers.

Free Resizing – Imagine, your ring is unexpectedly a little too tight or too wides…  JamesAllen actually offers free ring resizing for 60 days after your purchase. Even better: They will send the newly-resized ring back to you, via 2-day FedEx, for free.

  • Customer Experience
Lifetime Warranty – James Allen offers a lifetime warranty, to ensure the quality of your diamond ring. They will repair and maintain it free of charge.
Secure Payment James Allen accepts all major credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover). What I love is, that there is also an option to pay with Paypal. Neither I or my friends and relatives had any issues paying for our order. JA ensures that your purchase is totally secure. They use secure encryption and fraud protection for all transactions.
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Secure Delivery - I talked to my mom about buying the diamond engagement ring on the Internet. Her major concern was this: What happens if the ring gets lost during shipment? How can you make sure the order actually arrives? No worries James Allen got you covered. After a proper inspection by JAs gemologists: Your loose diamond is shipped within 1-4 days. 
When you order jewelry and engagement rings - depending on the production schedule of that item - they will be shipped to you in 1 - 3 weeks. This is a major bonus: You can follow the whole process of the delivery in your JA account!
During transit, the items are fully insured! And securely get shipped via FedEx International Priority. To make FedEx not just leaves your package at your doorstep: At the time of delivery, all purchases require a signature.
Secure Packaging - Comparing other vendors to James Allen, there is 1 thing you will notice.... as soon as your order arrives: James Allen's packaging is not only the classiest - but by far the most secure
Don't read this, if you want to be surprised by their packaging: When you open the FedEx box, a thick board slides out. It fits perfectly inside the FedEx box (Other vendors just use basic package fillers). The board is embossed with the red butterfly logo and their name "James Allen". You're faced with a full-sized foam insert when you slide off the lid. In the center of the foam insert is a space cut out... for your polished hardwood jewelry box. With something special for you inside...
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GIA Certificate - One question you are probably asking yourself: "How can I make sure it is really the quality diamond I ordered?" - James Allen sends your loose diamond or engagement ring with an independent GIA, IGI or AGS lab report. This report can be compared against the unique characteristics of your diamond... by a qualified gemologist -> To make sure it is really the diamond you ordered. 
This important! Any variations on the diamond are easily recognizable.... so it would NOT make any sense for JA to lose its long build up reputations (since 1998) and have its customers send diamonds back -. This is what I LOVE about JA: In case the diamond matches the grading report - but you are somehow not 100% satisfied with something else - you can either exchange it or have your order fully refunded.
JamesAllen Ring Ideas + Popular Settings

I know there are some men out there, who – like me starting out – are pretty clueless about what would look good on their future wives or not. And probably enough women…. who want to have a look how different diamonds actually look when you wear them.

If you are one of these two: This part is especially for you! In the following 4 pictures, I am going to show you the rings of my friends’ wives. They all got their engagement ring at for their beautiful women.


2.92 carat / Radiant Cut Diamond / rectangular cushion setting / size 3.5-4 finger ~ $11.000


1.75 carat / pear diamond / Pave-Halo Set / size 4.5 finger ~ $14.000


1.51 carat / round diamond / cushion halo setting / size 2.25 finger ~ $10.000


1.72 carat / round diamond / Pave Setting / Size 4.25 finger ~ $12.000

The most popular ring settings on JA - Another great feature I noticed at James Allen. You can see how many customers rated the settings + how high they rated the setting. This is great to orientate yourself when setting up your engagement ring. 
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I think they are not fake here is why: Many low-priced items are rated more often and better than some higher priced items. So that wouldn’t make any sense sales-wise for James Allen. In addition, you will see that solitaire and pave settings have the most ratings. Which means that more people bought these settings. This reflects the reality: Solitaire and Pave settings are in case the most popular ring settings.
4-Step-Guide: How to choose the best ring for your partner

I still remember my first attempts trying to find the perfect diamond ring: I was overwhelmed by the never ending range of different diamonds and settings to choose from.  James Allen has more than 120,000 different diamonds in their inventory…. I looked up the Internet for different diamond guides, but no one actually satisfied me. Why? Because I felt the subtle message that I needed to dedicate literally my whole life to get some diamond knowledge… to find my perfect diamond ring. Please don’t judge me: I wanted a quick fix 😀

This is why I felt the need to create this time-saving 4-Step-Guide for you. So if you want to exchange 3-month of browsing for 5min, then keep on reading:

Step 1: Choose A Setting That Matches Her Personality

One of the most important steps – in getting an engagement ring – is choosing your ring type. James Allen offers a large variety of engagement ring styles. The settings you see above are the most popular: Halo, Solitaire, and Pavé Setting.

They say: “An engagement ring is a reflection of the person wearing it.” – Consider the woman, and the right style will become clear.

Solitaire – Solitaires are great for women with a taste for elegance and simplicity.

Halo – Traditional halo engagement rings are a more modern take on the classic solitaire ring. You probably already noticed in the picture above ->The smaller surrounding diamonds give an appearance of size and volume to the center stone.

Pavé – For women who like lots of sparkles. Your little princess.  The small diamonds along the pavé band… give a great appearance of a solid diamond surface.

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Step 2: Getting to know the 4c's

You can’t skip this part when choosing your perfect diamond: Getting to know the 4’cs. The quickest & most effective way to learn about the 4c… is the following infographic. After you read it word-by-word, you will have the necessary understanding, to begin browsing for your diamond! Start with Clarity:

  • Text Hover
Great, now you have the necessary knowledge of the 4'cs! In addition, I want to show you this graphic to illustrate the 2nd C - Carat. The size of a diamond is proportional to its carat weight. Check out James Allens free carat size simulator. You will see how big the diamond will appear on a ring setting:
  • Click here to use carat weight simulator
Step 3: Choose Your Diamond Wisely

Once you visit and browse for diamonds… you definitely have to play a bit around with the search options, to get a feeling which diamonds suit you best. To save you some time: In the following, I am going to present you an ideal search option (medium/high – Budget) to find quality diamonds: 

  • Text Hover

This is important: As you see above, I selected round cut diamond. James Allen offers a variety of shapes. The most popular shapes for diamond engagement rings are round or princess cut diamonds.
The color is set from “H” to “D”.  I probably don’t need to tell you… Diamond buyers prefer colorless to near colorless diamonds. It’s totally fine, to get an “H” colored diamond because slight coloring will still look colorless to the naked eye. My wife’s diamond is an “H” color. I recommend F-D only if you’re on a higher budget.
As you learned on the 4c’s infographic above… Cut describes the polish and finish, which are factors that determine how much the diamond sparkles. Poorly cut diamond can appear dark and lifeless, while a well-cut diamond will appear very fiery and brilliant. Additionally, they appear larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. My wife’s diamond has an “Ideal” cut. If you are on a higher budget I can definitely recommend you James Allen popular “True Hearts”. They flash brilliantly without a single dead area on the stone!
Clarity – Describes the clearness or purity of a diamond. It is important to select a diamond that does not have many inclusions…. this will affect the overall diamond beauty. I only recommend “slightly included(SI)” diamonds, when you let them reviewed by James Allen staff. If you want to make sure, stick with diamonds graded VS2 or higher. I chose a “VS2” diamond for my wife.  

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Clarity – Inclusions Included (I1) vs Internally flawless (IF)
You already had a look at the carat size simulator, so I don't need to address carat-weight deeply. I chose a 1.5-carat diamond for my wife's ring. Which carat weight is right for you -- is a choice that depends mostly on your budget and personal preference
Taking this guide to practice: This is a diamond I came across while following the 4-steps and using the ideal search options...
  • Text Hover
It's a great option for a Medium/High - Budget. If you want a diamond in the range of $5000 - 7000, still with great quality.... I recommend you to cut down on clarity (SI2) and carat. This will have a significant influence on the price. To be on the safe side: Let your diamond be reviewed by James Allen staff. To make sure you are 100% satisfied with your pick.
Step 4: - How they treat You as their customer

Finalizing this James Allen review – I want to reveal how you will get treated as JA’s customer. When you read this last chapter word-by-word.. you will know exactly what you can expect — during the 3 different stages of getting your best-suited engagement ring: Pre-Order / Ordering / Post-Order.

  • - Customer Experience

James Allen Education Center (Open New Window) – thoroughly prepares you for choosing your best-suited engagement ring. Getting educated on diamonds beforehand can save you up to $1000-2000. This is why I had the to urge to include the most important parts in this review. 

Free Ring Sizer (Open New Window) – Before you order anything at JA… you can use James Allen’s online ring sizer to determine your/your partners’ ring size.  Or you can request a ring sizer, which they will send you for free. 

FAQ (Open New Window) – They have listed ALL their frequently asked questions by other customers. I recommend you to at least skim through this page. When you’re finished reading it, you will definitely have answers to each of your questions.


Competent Customer Service – What I love about JA’s customer services is that the representatives are non-commissioned. So they don’t practice aggressive sales tactics… like you could experience in a local jewelry store.

JA’s representatives go through months of in-depth jewelry and diamond training before speaking to you.

Especially in a purchase where a larger amount of your money is involved — it is always good to have an expert who can answer all your question. Their customer service is available 24/7 via online chat/call/email. They even have a callback service (which is convenient if you are charged for long distance). To top it all off they can even write you a letter.

  • - Customer Experience
Day'n'Night Online Chat - This is yet another thing that sets JA apart from other online stores. The online chat is available 24/7. No matter where in the world you are browsing for diamonds OR what time it is... you can always be sure to get someone to help you. All you have to do is click on the "Chat Now" button. A window will pop up like in the picture shown above. You will be surprised how quickly they actually answer. I always received a reply within 30seconds.
  • - Customer Experience
Appealing Website - To each his own... but I must say I actually love JA's website! It's simple but appealing. Nothing too flashy. No annoying ads. There is always someone smiling at you when you enter the homepage. You will get guided by buttons like "design your own engagement ring" and never feel lost. They put up high-quality pictures.. not to mention their unique 360* HD video technology. 
Fair Prices - We don't need to have been to a business school... to understand why a local jewelry store will require much higher markups on every diamond sale. They pay for fancy showrooms, its salespeople and all the diamonds held in their inventory. While James Allen - to put it simply - only has to pay for the maintenance of its website. 
From my experience, "offline" diamonds will be approximately 30 – 70 % more expensive than diamonds sold online. With the same 4C parameters! Leaving no doubt that the prices offered by James Allen will be lower than prices at any brick and mortar store. Not only in comparison to buying diamond "offline" but also to other online diamond vendors... James Allen succeeds:
  • Text Hover vs
SAME PARAMETERS different prices
Free Ring Engraving - You can personalize your ring with an inscription for FREE. In comparison, Blue Nile (another online diamond vendor) charges you $25 for it. Click here more information

In my opinion, the after-sales service says a lot about a company. In my case, James Allen really bound me as a returning customer, with giving me a call right after I received the package. Asking if delivery went well and if the ring matched my expectations. This is just exceptional customer treatment!

30-day return policy – In the unfortunate circumstances where your diamond ring doesn’t match your expectation. Within 30  days of your order, you can either exchange or make use of the 100% Money-Back Guarantee… THEY PAY for the return of the package for US customers (+ Canada). You won’t pay a penny! It’s a hassle-free process. Just give them a quick call and they will send you over all the documents you need.

Lifetime Upgrade – You have the chance to upgrade any loose diamond by JA at a 100% credit for another diamond of at least 2X or greater value… for a lifetime!  Just make sure to keep the original laboratory grading document they send you.

  • JamesAllen - Customer Experience
Lifetime warranty - If needed you can let your jewelry get repaired and cleaned for a lifetime! James Allen committed themselves to ensuring the quality of your order.

JamesAllen does an incomparable job at offering you an exceptionally high level of customer service. From pre- to post-order and combines that with an outstanding satisfaction guarantee.

Please share your experience with JamesAllen in the comments below!
James Allen Reviews | Diamonds – Engagement Rings
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