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My Gemvara Review (+Money-Savers & Guides)
With the following 4 bonus hints, I want to thank you, for visiting my website & reading this review!

Over the course of learning about and ordering my engagement ring there… I came across a few things, which you don’t want to miss out on when getting their new jewelry in 2018:
Up to $2290 Off Pink Sapphire Jewelry currently has an offer until Mai 01 where you can get their pink sapphire jewelry for a lower price than usual.

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Sign up for Gemvara`s Newsletter and have access to their special offers. The opt-in is at the bottom of their website. This will make sure you will never miss another deal.

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FREE Express Shipping will send your jewel via complimentary FedEx Express. To make the shipping as quickly as possible. It

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While you are checking out, 'ADD FREE ENGRAVING' will be presented as an option. You have 4 fonts to choose from. The engraving can be added to all jewelry. For special requests contact their team

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Gemvara Reviews - Overall Rating

Selection - The selection available through the site includes dozens of settings for diamond and other gemstone engagement rings. The site also offers gorgeous handcrafted wedding bands designed to complement the engagement ring.
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Quality - Each of the gemstones sold by the company is AAA quality. Additionally, the centerpiece diamonds featured in the diamond engagement rings include a graded report. Either from the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society.
Other Customers Engagement Rings (+Link to verify)
For those interested in something a bit different – They offer gorgeous gemstones, including black diamonds, aquamarine, tanzanite and sapphires. I included pictures from other customers below.

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2.43 carat / Cushion Tanzanite / $3,795


0.80 carat / Princess Pink Sapphire / $3,385


1.49 carat / Round Black Diamond / $3,635


1.55 carat / Round Aquamarine / $3,700


2.65 carats / Pink Sapphire / $11,470


2.45 carats / Blue Sapphire / $11,415


1.17 carats / Diamond / $9,180


1.83 carats / Tanzanite / $6,590


2.00 ct / Blue Sapphire / $4,895


2.82 ct / Red Garnet / $2,575


0.97 ct / Diamond / $4,685


2.15 ct / Pink Tourmaline / $4,285

3 Reasons that made me trust Gemvara'com
You won’t believe how critical and old-fashioned I am with buying stuff online. Especially with getting a high-priced item like a diamond ring on the internet. If you are somewhat the same, this passage is for you!

Reading this will hopefully make you less nervous and let you order the gem, you really think is best-suited for your partner.
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I read an article on the web about Gemvara engagement rings: Mainly saying that at I could get a quality engagement ring for less money... in comparison to my local jewelry store! 

Their website definitely looked professional, but I was still uncertain if they were really legit... Keep on reading to find out the 3 main reasons, that made me really trust Gemvara'com:
#1 | They DON'T delete negative reviews

I never really check the review section on the retailer’s website. Because most of the times they are all fake 5-Star ratings, saying generic BS.

The Gemvara-Reviews-Section is completely different. And worth closer observation. Read through them and you will realize that the reviews are real. You will also find many own-made pictures of customers purchases.

But that’s not all: They post & reply to ALL negative 1-star ratings I found and try to solve the issue. Take a look:
  • Gemvara`com other customer experience
#2 | Gemvara's reputation

Gemvara Rings is an online jewelry store that sells unique engagement rings – handcrafted in the United States!! More than 70’000 happy couples up to the present day.

Owned by Richline Group Inc.the main jewelry manufacturer in the United States – , the company has hired expert jewelers to craft each order. The gems and metals used in each piece are of the highest quality and attention is paid to every detail.

Richline Group Inc. is a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. company led by CEO Warren Buffet.
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#3 | Their Promise

101-Days Refund – If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can send back the piece in original condition for 101 days! You can receive a full refund once the item is returned and inspected.

1x Free Resizing – The jewelry experts include a one-year warranty on all pieces that are sold via the website. You can have rings resized once, within 101 days of purchase. If you have another jeweler resize or modify it, your warranty and free resizing are null.

Natural GemstonesThe diamonds & gems you can get on Gemvara’com are natural stones (NOT-synthetic). While emeralds are known to have visible inclusions, that is rarely the case with the other stones from Gemvara Ring online. You will receive a grading report with accurate description of your investment.


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Gemvara Reviews - Fancy Color Engagement Rings


gemvara customer reviews
High-Quality Wedding Rings

For generations, the bridal ring has played an important symbolic role in the joining of two lives. That is the case today, making it essential that you find the perfect one for your significant other. Whether you intend to surprise her with the jewel or are shopping together, is an excellent choice for selecting your wedding ring.

The jewelry consultants on staff can help you with the various aspects of your selection to ensure you are satisfied with the final outcome. Then, the expert jewelers will construct your original, made-to-order lotus flower engagement ring.

The shape of the stone is equally important, so the website filters allow you to quickly select pear, marquise, cushion and other popular choices when shopping. The carat weight and style are also easy sorting features to use.
You can choose a combination of stones to accent the diamond ring you have chosen. Most wedding bands can have a free engraving added to the order.

Jewelry from Boston: Lotus Flower and Disney Ring

The company is proud to offer a range of wedding bands with other precious stones as the centerpieces. Whether you want a vintage style or a three-stone ring, the personalized pieces you can make via the website is truly incredible.

The customer service from the site is excellent and includes complimentary shipping throughout the United States and Canada. Customers in other countries can take advantage of International Checkout to purchase through the store.

While you are considering the details of the engagements or anniversary ring, don't forget about the wedding band that will accompany it. Many couples opt to select all of the details at once and then purchase the wedding band once the big day approaches. This way, you know the two will look beautiful together.

Gemvara Review & Complaints - Summary

The high-quality jewelry sold by this online retailer is sure to please you and your intended. Whether you are shopping together or want to surprise her with a special diamond-ring, their jewelry experts will help you.

When you receive your jewel, you will also receive instructions regarding care. Follow these carefully to ensure that your lotus ring stays beautiful and the stones secure for many years to come without any complaints.

Engagements are special events, and the ring you give to your intended bride should reflect how unique she is to you. Definitely, have a look at their Disney princess rings! Their website will allow you to choose each detail to ensure a perfect fit for her and the two of you for life!
I'm in! - But which setting style?
Unlike other jewelry stores, Gemvara allows you to personalize every aspect of the ring. Deciding which setting style to use is the 1st step.
Once you have chosen a setting, you can decide which precious metal is best for your bridal ring. In addition to silver and shades of gold, Gemvara’com offers palladium and platinum metal-rings.
Flower Style

Modern Style

Classic Style

Vintage Style

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