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Online Diamond Retailer Reviews

Buying anything online is usually cheaper than buying from a store as physical retailers face fundamental challenges that make it impossible to compete with retailers online when it comes to prices. Buying a diamond under any circumstances can be confusing as consumers realize deep down that they will never know as much as the seller about the sale of diamonds. The possibility of being taken advantage of when buying online is just as high as buying in-store.

No matter how much time you spend researching and learning about diamonds, remember that you will be face to face with a seller who is more informed, more prepared and highly incentivized to see you walking out of the store with a diamond bought on their terms.

Buying online takes the pressure off as you can take your time checking all the boxes and cross-referencing with websites that offer advice on how to buy diamonds online, and even recommend trusted and popular online sellers. Concerns about purchasing diamonds online are by and large misplaced. Below are a few tips for a successful experience buying a diamond online:

online jewelry stores reviews

9-Step Checklist: Buying Jewelry, Diamonds & Engagement Rings

1. Information and Facts
As with any purchase of significance, find out what your options are and as much as possible about the product and the seller. In the case of diamonds, educate yourself regarding the 4 Cs used by the diamond industry to assess the quality and value of diamonds so that you know the jargon.

2. When buying a diamond online know exactly what it is that you are looking for in the way of cut, color, clarity, and carat. Look for specifics to ensure that you know the true value of the diamond you are purchasing.

3. Make sure that there is a grading report which provides an independent, unbiased analysis of the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of the diamond. As the value of a diamond is determined largely by quality, an objective third party assessment is critical.

4. If the online seller provides a diamond grading report, have the details verified on Report Check, a secure online database, and print out a copy of the report. This way you can easily check that the online description of the diamond matches the grading results.

5. For added security look for a laser-inscribed grading report number on the girdle of the diamond. Sometimes the inscription will be inscribed before the diamond is offered for sale, if not you can request it at the time of the purchase. In addition to this number, there could be a symbol or personal message for identification. These markings are only visible by using a jeweler's loupe under ten times magnification. As this information is recorded on the grading report it will verify that the diamond you have bought matches the report that was issued for it.

6. Check out the credentials of the seller by answering the following questions:

- How long has the seller been in business?
- Does the company belong to the jewelry trade association?
- Are the online company representatives friendly, helpful and transparent?
- Does the company offer a secure transaction?
- How many reviews have been received and how many of those were very good?
- Do they have a return policy and what are the terms of the policy?
- Where is the company located?
- What are the shipping details?
- Will the shipment be insured and will a signature be required on delivery?

When buying from an online auction site you should look into the ratings and buyer feedbacks to determine whether the seller consistently provides quality merchandise with reviews that can be verified.

7. Check out the method of payment offered by the seller. Credit card companies usually provide recourse if a problem should arise. Using a check or money order may reduce your options in that regard.

8. Take extra precautions when purchasing a diamond from sites that are represented by sellers outside the USA. US consumers that buy from US based companies online have recourse options whereas overseas companies may be insulated from such protection and recovering your funds could be frustrating.

9. Once your diamond has been delivered, take it to an independent appraiser in order to confirm that the stone matches the description on the report. The appraiser will provide a certificate with the value of the diamond which can be used for insurance purposes.

Review Conclusion - Making The Shopping Decision

The convenience of online shopping is unbeatable and safe if you have researched your options. But beware that photographs of products on websites may appear different when viewed in person. Ultimately you are buying something from photographs and the only way to determine if it is acceptable to you is to view it in person.

For this reason, it is imperative to buy from a seller with a retail store in close proximity to you and with a flexible and easy return policy. If you take all the above tips into consideration you can safely buy a diamond online.

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Online Diamond Retailer Reviews
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