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Pure Natural Purple Diamonds

Sourced from Siberia, Australia and Canada, a purple diamond comes in blossoming nuances that originate from opposite poles of the earth. A pure purple diamond is often very small and extremely rare, apart from natural red diamonds in rarity and value. Sizes are seldom more than 5 karats, most weighing 2 karats or less. Purple diamonds are assessed according to the intensity of color, or a combination of tone and saturation. 
The worth of a colored diamond is determined primarily by its color and its intensity in color. At the outset purple diamonds are already exclusive and rare, however, the more intense a purple diamond's color, the more valuable it will be. Diamonds are assessed according to their intensity of color, or a combination of tone and saturation. The following list describes the intensities found in purple diamonds:
Fancy Light
Fancy Intense
Fancy Deep
Fancy Vivid
The further you go along this spectrum the more intense the color is. The higher the color saturation of a diamond, the more valuable it will be. Apart from highly saturated pure purple, split grade stones that contain an equal, or rarer color, like Fancy Red Purple, are among the most valuable and desirable of all purple diamonds.
Purple diamonds are often found to have color modifiers which emphasize their absolute rarity. The most expensive are those with a uniformly pure purple color, devoid of color modifiers. Because of the high value of red diamonds, a purple diamond with a red modifier is highly valuable in terms of price per karat and on par with a pure purple diamond.
Purple diamonds can be found in all shapes including oval, pear, cushion, radiant, heart, marquise, emerald and classic brilliant cut. Uneven color distribution is important and will be noted on the GIA certificate as they certainly affect the value and appearance of a purple diamond.
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Purple Diamond
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