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Getting To Know Green Diamonds

All About Green Diamonds
Natural green diamonds are exceedingly rare and valuable. In fact, these diamonds are grouped into two classes such as:
. Diamonds that possess a natural body color of green. - These diamonds will exhibit a uniform green hue throughout the stone. These diamonds are quite rare and valuable.
. The second group is the diamond where the green color is limited only to its surface. - These stones are commonly known as skin tones. The color is caused due to the remnants of radiation impressed on the skin of the stone.
There are many things to look for when buying a natural diamond. The color, tone, intensity, shape, size, and clarity are some of the most important. This article provides information on green diamonds.
Diamonds get their color due to radiation exposure that unfolds when the stone is formed and travels to the surface of the earth via the volcanic pipe. But there is also a downside to radiation exposure - only the parts of the stone that are in direct contact with radiation will exhibit the green color. This could result in a diamond with an uneven color. In fact, a diamond with a uniform color is quite rare. The color of a diamond is determined by three factors such as the kind of radiation that the diamond was subjected to, the size of the stone, and the length of exposure.
Tone refers to the darkness or lightness of the stone. A diamond with a darker tone could appear more intense in color. Diamonds are usually cut into fancy shapes such as cushions, pear, and radiant shapes. That is because the round cut tends to produce a lower color saturation. These are important things to consider when buying a green diamond on the market. The above article provides information on diamonds.
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Green Diamond
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