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Black Diamond Engagement Rings  & Wedding Band

Looking For Something Different? Consider Black Diamond Engagement Rings
Black engagement rings are a rapidly growing trend. These diamonds are beautiful and for someone who values being different, can be a perfect choice. Diamonds come in a variety of colors, including yellow, blue, green, orange, olive, pink, red, and purple. Black is just another color but is already more popular than most of the other colors. No matter what the color, diamonds are graded on the same scale, so it is possible to purchase a high-grade black diamond wedding band just like it is possible to buy a high-grade white or yellow diamond.
Many couples are choosing night-black jewels for their engagement and wedding bands. This stone is edgier than the traditional white diamond and is attractive to many younger people.
Jewelers are also creating rings that combine dark stones with white to enhance the contrast and depth of both stones. Strong-Black gemstones come from the Carbonados stone and are thought to have been created during supernova surges. ,
Diamonds come in many different colors and even the black diamond wedding rings is not completely black. Most of these diamonds are actually a dark gray instead of black and may be enhanced to achieve a dark black color. The grayish color comes from microscopic sulfide deposits and inclusions in the stone. After the stone is treated, it is almost opaque and does not refract any light.

Black Diamond Ring vs Wedding Rings

A black diamond ring is actually less expensive than white diamonds. They vary in price depending on the karats, cut and the opaqueness of the stone. Naturally-occurring dark jewels are more expensive than those produced or enhanced in a laboratory, but the colors of the lab diamonds tend to be more uniformly even.
For the most part, dark gemstones are as durable as white diamonds. It is important to remember the black color is caused by inclusions in the stone. These inclusions can cause the stone to be brittle and it could possibly crack or chip. Even so, a dark gemstone is strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily wearing.
One of the benefits of a wedding ring with black diamonds is their appeal to both genders. They are very beautiful and can be made into rings for either a man or a woman. Since wedding ring black diamonds do not refract light, the best shapes are oval, round or square. These shapes enhance the deep color of the black diamond rings and make great solitaire engagement and dinner rings. Dark stones are truly beautiful and are a great choice for almost any piece of jewelry, but a black diamond engagement ring is especially beautiful.
Black Diamond Engagement Rings
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