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Good To Know Facts About Black Diamond Earrings

The number one reason that everyone loves diamonds is because they sparkle! 
We're all attracted to the radiant white flashes on display from diamond jewelry, and if you prefer to shop for diamonds, you've probably noticed that there is a newcomer to the market: black diamonds. 
Though black diamond earrings won't sparkle quite the same way that white diamonds will, they offer stunning contrast in different kinds of jewelry. Not only that, but they are extremely versatile and can be paired with other diamonds in white to create an elegant piece at a lower cost. 
Are black diamonds real? All diamonds other than white are often colored by jewelry merchants to make their costs go down. Natural black diamonds do exist, but they're extremely expensive and rare. What you normally find in black diamond earrings are natural diamonds containing numerous dark inclusions usually graphite. Their opaque color is the result of their polycrystalline structure which stops them from reflecting light.
Due to the fact that natural black diamonds are extremely expensive, most of the black diamonds you see available online are treated to enhance their colors by using heat or irradiation. This process will result in the diamond turning a very dark shade of green that actually looks black to the naked eye.
Fortunately, the fact that black diamonds are treated doesn't affect their durability in any way as they're porous and feature numerous inclusions. These flaws usually result in surface blemishes that can be polished to a perfect smooth finish with the right tools. Due to their natural flaws and the coloring process, black diamonds cost significantly less than white diamonds. This is mainly due to the fact that they are lower quality white diamonds that have undergone a treatment process in order for them to turn black. To help you get a feel for the pricing, a treated one carat round black diamond often costs less than $170!
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Black Diamond Earrings
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