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Getting To Know Black Diamonds

Did you know that most diamonds do not come in a pure form? Basically, this means the diamonds do not just have a single color. In fact, most of them feature a unique combination of different colors. And while white diamonds are the most popular, it's interesting to learn that colored diamonds have emerged in popularity as well. In particular, black diamonds are receiving more and more attention among enthusiasts. 
You might wonder what makes of these diamonds so special. Well, what sets them apart from other gemstones is the fact that they are composed of several different crystals. The traditional gemstones you may be familiar with only consist of single crystal diamond is. Because of this unique crystal composition, black diamonds come with a dark color tone.
To the naked eye, the gemstone will look black. This is because of the iron oxides. It may be difficult to understand, but the diamond doesn't really have a black collar but only looks that way because of the mineral inclusions.
Black diamonds can be found in several locations across the globe. They were first discovered in Brazil during the mid-1800s. However, they have also been found in Australia, Africa, and Venezuela.
What's interesting to learn is that black diamonds prove to be rare gemstones. For this reason, expect to pay quite a bit of fortune if you want to buy one. If you do not have a huge budget, then you may want to go for lab-created black diamonds.
When buying black diamonds, make sure you do your research about the best jewelry stores where you can get the most affordable deals. This doesn't mean you should choose the one where you can buy the cheapest diamonds. Instead, make sure that the diamond you plan on buying carries the necessary documentation so you know that you are paying for a real black diamond.


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