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Tips For Buying Engagement Rings Online


Getting engaged is an important moment in the life of most people, and the ring plays an important path in this process. However, many people find the selection of rings available in stores to be lacking and choose to buy online. While this can be a good choice, there are a few tips for buying engagement rings online.  


The first thing to look for is the overall quality of the rings. Sites like Ali Express and Amazon are full of rings that are fake, made with inferior stones, break easily, or are of lower quality. This means it is important to seek out an actual jewelry company who certifies their gems and metals as authentic and is committed to maintaining a good reputation.


There are a number of sites out there that will offer rings at a greatly reduced price, but most of these sites are scams. They either make the rings from lesser materials, or deliver rings that look nothing like what has been ordered. This is part of the reason that it is so important to check the customer feedback and to look online to see which companies are trustworthy.


However, there are a few companies that just sell of overstock or have a good relationship with famous jewelers. These companies will actually have authentic rings, but at much lower prices. Usually these sites will have rings that are a few seasons older, will have a very finite number of them, and will sell out rather quickly. Knowing what these sites are and visiting them on a regular basis may save couples a large amount of money if they want a more generic or older looking ring.

The next thing to look for is either a company with a large number of different styles or the ability to create custom rings. Make sure to check the customer reviews for each and every site visited, and to look at previous work as well.


There are companies that send out tester rings, made with lesser materials, to allow couples the ability to try on the rings before they decide. This is not a common tactic, but it has begun to pick up traction over the last few years.


Companies that custom make rings will usually not offer this kind of service. They will however require the ring size and sometimes the measurements of the fingers themselves. It is extremely important to have these for any ring purchase, but ensuring they are perfect is an absolute must for custom rings. Use of either a ring sizer at home or in a local store will help ensure that there is no need to resize these rings.


Good companies will also offer replacement or repair plans, ensuring that their rings are always going to be in great shape.

Finally, when the ring does arrive, make sure to inspect it yourself, have it inspected by a reputable company, and check over any certification paperwork. Once this has been completed, make sure to leave a review and enjoy the ring of your dreams.


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