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How To Choose Your First Set Of Diamond Earrings

You thought about getting your ears pierced for weeks. Finally, you were able to muster up the courage to make your appointment and go in for the piercing. It was a little bit painful but not as bad as you thought. Now you want to choose your first diamond earrings. Here we'll take a look at the things you'll need to know to pick out your first pair. 

Decide On A Budget

Buying your first set of diamond earrings will be exciting. When you're looking, if you haven't decided on a budget, you might fall in love with the pair that's way beyond anything you could afford. For this reason, it's best to set a budget before you start shopping. Because diamonds come in such a wide range of prices this is imperative. 
When it comes to the cost of those earrings, it will depend on the size of the diamond and other qualities that will drive the cost up or down. But having a general budget in mind will allow you to focus on diamonds that are in your price range.

Understand The Factors That Determine Cost

When you begin shopping for diamonds you'll find there are 4 C's that you'll have to understand to get the diamonds you want. First is the color of the diamond. White is the most common and popular but there are other color variations to choose among. The next thing you'll have to choose is the carat. This is the size of the diamond and will play a significant part and how much you pay for it. A quarter carat diamond will be substantially less than a 2 carat diamond will be. 
The next thing will be the clarity of the diamond. This has to do with the flaws that are found within the diamond. For someone completely unfamiliar with diamonds you might look at it and think there aren't any flaws. But any that can be seen by the naked eye or under a magnifying glass will decrease the value of the diamond. Finally, the last thing that will need to be considered is the cut of the diamond. This is the shape that the diamond is cut into. It could be round or oval or other possible shapes.

Choose The Type Of Setting Your Diamond Will Be Placed In

Among the other decisions, will be the type of setting that the diamonds are placed in for your earrings. You might choose sterling silver or 14 karat gold. For people with sensitive skin, they may want to go with platinum because it's least likely to cause any type of issues with the skin. Similar to choosing a diamond, the choice you make for the setting will also play a significant role in the price that you'll have to pay.  
Getting the perfect earrings is a matter of planning, shopping and knowing what you like and what goes best with your body type and personality. Take your time and get the perfect set.
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