Natural Fancy Black Diamonds

It’s no secret that women love gemstones and precious stones of all kinds. From wedding bands to engagement rings and everyday rings there is a wide array to select from.

Black-diamonds have recently hit the market and they are currently trending at the top of the list for engagement rings. Women are seeking something unusual that their mothers and grandmothers don’t have.

While not nearly as rare as the pink or yellow diamonds, black-diamonds are still very rare and very unique. The darker stone draws attention and there’s no way that these aren’t going to stand out in the crowd of engagement rings.

So, what exactly makes the diamonds black? Black diamonds get their unique color from an inclusion. This inclusion breaks the light up that enters the diamond and to the naked human eye, it appears to be black. Pink diamonds and yellow diamonds are caused when there is an impurity in the ring. The fancy colored diamonds have an inclusion that breaks up the direction that the light flows through the gemstone.

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It is actually quite rare to find a diamond that has a lot of natural inclusions. For this reason, the diamonds on the market today aren’t actually dark, they just appear that way. Starting out as low-quality white diamonds, the treatments that made the stones more fragile. Keep this in mind if you suddenly get a stone that appears to be very dark and very low in price. You may be dealing with a fake diamond.

Fancy diamonds are ideal for the goth trends or the trendsetters that want something more unique than their parents or grandparents had. These diamonds may be natural, or they may be treated. They’re surprisingly affordable and prices can start at approximately $200 per half a carat and work their way up to $1000 per half a carat for the more natural black diamonds wedding ring.

It’s important to learn as much about diamonds before shopping for them to understand the different values of the different colors. Black diamonds have been trending for over a year and the trend seems to be in full swing. Women who seek a unique diamond that stands out from the crowd may well select a black diamond ring. They offer great quality, stunning designs and affordable prices to those who wish to stay on a budget and focus on a current trend in the diamond industry. Keep on reading about them in this diamonds review.

Gemstones vary from one ring to another but many choose a loose diamond to be the main focal point with other gems around the center stone to enhance it. From black diamond engagement rings to wedding bands this trend is here to stay for the time being and will continue to gain momentum in the new year to come.

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