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Where is it save to buy a 2 karat diamond ring ?

You can easily find an amazing 2ct diamond ring solitaire if you focus on the elements that give the jewel maximum value, without compromising on the beauty. Reputable online dealers like Ritani & Gemvara offer incredible certified designer rings.

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2-Carat! But which shape?

The price range for a 2 carat diamond ring rose gold usually ranges from $5,000 to $60,000, depending on a number of factors. Round-cut & princess-cut gems are usually cheaper.

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Princess Cut

Cushion Cut

Oval Cut

Pear Shaped

Emerald Cut

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Your 2.5 - 2 Carat Diamond Ring - QUICK Online Buying Guide

'Diamonds are a girl's best friend'. We all know the old saying, but how the world has changed from the time when this saying came about! Back in 1949, the jazz song by Carol Channing made the expression popular, of course, people had no idea that just a few decades later we would be turning to the world wide web to purchase costly diamonds.
Since a great deal of the diamond-market is online these days, it can be challenging to buy with confidence. That is why we have prepared a quick&easy guide to help you make a successful purchase.

Understand The Four C's Of 2ct Diamonds

Within the jewelry industry, the various characteristics of a natural-diamond are graded. The four C's are a vital part of the process, in fact, they are viewed as the four most important characteristics in giving the two carats diamond its market value.

Arguably the most important characteristic, the cut of the precious stone has a significant impact on the brilliance of your 2 carat solitaire diamond ring. Take the time to study the various cuts and make sure you fully clarify this detail with any jeweler you are dealing with online. 

During the diamond formation process, a few inner flaws will normally take place. It is the number of such flaws, as well as the size and visibility of them, that are taken into consideration when determining the clarity.

A 2.0 - 2.5 carat diamond ring that is off-white will absorb light, this, in turn, hinders its brilliance. On the other hand, a colorless stone will truly sparkle and, of course, fetch a higher price.

This refers to the unit of weight for measuring diamonds. Large gems are much rarer, hence the price can increase significantly in such cases.

Certification Is Crucial
Understanding the four C's is the first step to a successful purchase. However, do not neglect the importance of certification. Any 2 carat diamond engagement rings or other two karat diamond rings which you are considering should come with a gemological certificate. This certificate will have been issued by an objective gemological institute and will clearly state the four C's, as well as many other details. In fact, if there is no certificate then there should be no purchase, it's as simple as that.

2 Karat Diamond Ring Reviews - Conclusion

Indeed, the old saying that 'diamonds are a girl's best friend' still sounds true. The only difference in today's modern world is that we are turning to the online market to make more and more of our purchases. By understanding the four C's and being committed to buying a 2 ct diamond engagement ring that comes with a gemological certificate you are in a much better position to make a purchase you will not later regret. Before ordering we additionally recommend reading unbiased reviews about the specific jeweler.

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